Driscoll Law Office-Traffic Tickets, Accidents, DWI

5 Reasons You Should Call an Attorney Immediately after You Receive a Speeding Ticket:

1. The ticket may be defective, and there are time limits to assert your rights, make motions and have defective tickets dismissed.

2.We handle traffic tickets day in and day out. We usually have good working relationships with the various District Attorney's Offices, and most likely will get you a better reduction than you can get yourself.

3. We will tell you not to plead guilty to the ticket no matter how nice the cop was who gave it to you. A client recently plead guilty to a speeding ticket without consulting an attorney. The Judge imposed a $693 fine. She'll have at least another $300 owed to the DMV, and her insurance will most likely go up.

4. If you plead guilty, we can make a coram nobis motion to withdraw your guilty plea, but as you can imagine, it's more work that costs more. Again, we'll tell you not to plead guilty.

5. You'll get free advice, and who doesn't like free? Then you can decide if we are worth hiring.

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