Driscoll Law- Tickets, Accidents, Dwi Lawyer

At Driscoll Law you find an experienced legal, attentive staff.  Whether your concern is a traffic matter or a personal injury case, we know exactly what steps to take to meet your legal needs.  At Driscoll Law we are compassionate and understand that each person is uniquely individual and every situation is different.  If you have sustained losses, damages and/or injuries, we will walk you through and keep you informed every step of the way.  You will receive the best legal representation possible, while minimizing your stress.  You owe it to yourself to call Driscoll Law today for your legal needs and let us lead you to the solutions you need.

YOU can count on our friendly service!

327 West Fayettte St., Suite 210, Syracuse, NY  13202

Call Driscoll Law at 315-422-1946

Legal Consultant for local chapter of 40 Days for Life

Legal Presenter at Onondaga County Defens. Driving Courses -2013 to 2018

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